Florida Restaurants – CURRENT TARGET for Sales Tax Audits!

The Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) has made recent attempts to complicate things for Florida restaurant owners.  

This situation leaves the restaurant owner liable for large tax bills and possible jail time.

Florida, with its fresh seafood, unique history, and blending of cultures has some of the most mouth-watering restaurants around.

These fabulous restaurants Lobstercome at a price – if the business is not properly managed!

Generally speaking, Florida Law requires restaurant owners to collect sales tax on the sale of prepared meals.  The business must remit all collected sales tax to the state.

If sales tax is not remitted, the failure to remit the collected sales tax, may be construed as a criminal charge – collecting tax for the DOR – targeting the failure to remit the actual sales tax with holdings.

If you operate a FLORIDA RESTAURANT, take note, the DOR may be targeting you!!

Even if you are struggling to make payroll, do not “borrow” the state’s money!!

FLORIDA LAW CAN AND WILL CONVICT YOU FOR FRAUD – stealing money you/your business were NOT entitled to!

If you have questions, please call a Florida Tax Attorney today for a free legal consultation.

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