Friedel Law Group, LLC

Daniel C. Friedel, Esq., Managing Attorney

The Friedel Law Group, LLC is a full service tax law firm with significant experience representing both businesses and individuals before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Florida Department of Revenue (DOR). Our offices are located in Gainesville, Florida.

We work with our clients to formulate aggressive and defensive strategies during these trying times. Should you find a letter in your mailbox from the IRS or the FL Dept. of Revenue, there is no need to lose sleep over it.  We have helped many taxpayers in Florida and from all over the world.

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We primarily represent clients before these entities:

Internal Revenue Service

We represent a variety of business and personal tax issues, including:

  • Negotiating tax settlement offers and installment agreements;
  • Field Audit Examinations;
  • Preventing, stopping, and reversing a wage garnishment or bank levy;
  • Preparing and filing outstanding tax returns for individuals, businesses, and estates; and
  • Fighting the IRS’s unwarranted adjustments of your tax return.

Florida Department of Revenue

We routinely handle cases dealing with issues such as:

  • Sales and use tax audits
  • Criminal investigations due to alleged sales tax fraud
  • Re-employment tax audits, and
  • Property tax assessments and
  • Property tax exemptions.

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