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A Full Service Tax Practice.

The Friedel Law Group, LLC is a full service tax law firm with significant experience representing both businesses and individuals before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Florida Department of Revenue (FL DOR). Our offices are located in Gainesville, Florida.

The team at Friedel Law Group LLC strives to provide our Clients with unrivaled legal representation coupled with tangible results delivered in a professional, cost-effective, and highly personal manner.

Contact us today and let us help you find the right solution to your tax problem.

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We primarily represent clients before these entities:

Internal Revenue Service

We represent many businesses and individuals with a broad range of tax issues including:

  • Negotiating tax settlement offers and installment agreements;
  • IRS Audit Examinations conducted at our law office, not at your business;
  • Preventing, stopping, and reversing a wage garnishment or bank levy;
  • Preparing and filing outstanding tax returns for individuals, businesses, and estates; and
  • Fighting the IRS’s unwarranted adjustments of your tax return.

Florida Department of Revenue

We routinely handle cases representing our Clients before the FL DOR dealing with:

  • Sales and Use tax audits
  • Criminal investigations due to alleged sales tax fraud
  • Re-employment tax audits, and
  • Appeals and Protests of unfavorable tax audit results.

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    "Excellent Outcome"

    5 star rating 100px
    Posted by Rich on December 28, 2018
    Put simply, I could not be happier with Dan Friedel! What could have, and most likely would have been, an I.R.S. nightmare, turned out much better than expected. He was approachable, professional and thorough. Many years of tax returns were researched, prepared and submitted quickly and completely. His fee's for services, considering the amount of work involved, were a very pleasant surprise. Put as clearly as I can, should you or anyone you know, need a tax attorney, look no further. Period.

    "True Professional"

    5 star rating 100px
    Posted by John on October 1, 2018
    First went to Daniel Friedel a year ago thinking I had a serious tax issue which was very stressful to me. He evaluated the case and came up with a solution pretty quickly satisfying the IRS of all concerns they had. I am grateful of his professionalism and interest in me as a client and the fact that he treated me like a friend. Very competent attorney. Thank you Daniel!

    "Tax Resoultion"

    5 star rating 100px
    Posted by Rebekah on Feb. 10, 2018
    I was drowning in my situation with my business taxes. I hired Mr. Friedel to assist me to resolve this issue. He was gracious enough to let me make payments to pay him. I was amazed at the outcome of the final results! Daniel was Godsend for me. Thank you so much. I would, without a doubt refer him to anyone with small or huge tax issues.

    "Saved me $320,000"

    5 star rating 100px
    Posted by Derrick on April 12, 2018
    Daniel provides exceptional representation when dealing with the IRS as we felt like we were in a hopeless situation. We tried to make payment arrangements, which paid very little against the underlying principal balance. Hired Daniel and right away he put a stop to the threats and unreasonable payment arrangements. Ended up with a settlement offer for far less than the outstanding principal without additional penalties and interest. Thank you Daniel for your excellent counsel.