About Us

About the Friedel Law Group, LLC

Martello Law Group - Florida Tax Attorney

We are a law firm that primarily caters to:

  • Tax negotiation and settlements with both the IRS and Florida Department of Revenue;
  • Federal income tax audits and Florida sales tax audits;
  • Preparing and filing past due tax returns;
  • Federal tax lien discharge and penalty abatement;
  • Business and personal tax planning;
  • Business organization, start-up;
  • Tax-exempt organization and planning;
  • Estate and wealth planning for Florida families, including both traditional and alternative family solutions.

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Daniel Friedel, Esq.
Daniel Friedel, Esq.
Managing Attorney
Daniel Friedel is licensed to practice law in Florida. He is a “double gator”, having completed both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida.

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