Update on the Alleged Gainesville Tax Scam

Yesterday, we talked to you about a local story covering the bust and raid of Gainesville, Florida tax return preparation business, On Time Tax Consultants.  Attorney Sarah Martello was interviewed by GTN news for insight on the situation and advice for potential victims of tax preparer scams.

You can take steps to protect yourself from tax prep scams by using the following guidelines when choosing your return preparer:

  • Be skeptical of tax preparers who claim they can get you a larger refund than any other preparer.
  • Avoid tax preparers who take their fee as a percentage of the amount of your refund.
  • Use a reputable professional who signs your tax return (including their PTIN) and provides you with a copy.
  • Be skeptical of tax preparers who are only open for business during “tax season.”
  • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER sign a blank tax form.