Audit Gamble – IRS Steps it up Against Tax Cheats

Having Friends in High Places Won't Get You That Far with the IRS!

Knowing the chances of the IRS auditing your Income Tax Return is relatively slim, are you willing to take that gamble and “modify” the figures on your return to maximize your refund or minimize the taxes owed?  If so, you are definitely not alone!

But before you turn in that return, you might want to consider this – even the smallest misrepresentation on your return is TAX FRAUD! Mistakes are one thing, but knowingly changing items on your return for your financial gain is another.

So you might be wondering, how will the IRS really know if I fudge on my expenses at my rental houses or the amount I donated to the Humane Society?

Recognizing the frequency of these misrepresentations, the IRS has taken an initiative this year to crack down on those Taxpayers making “little white lies” that have flown under the radar in prior years.  And it is not just the “rich” who are subject to the new scrutiny. With the increasing number of IRS “busts” at tax preparation companies – much like the one we reported right here in Gainesville, Florida just weeks ago – the IRS isn’t taking anything for granted.  

Last night CNBC aired a special broadcast “The American Tax Cheat,” which highlighted the IRS crackdown on taxpayers.  Find out more here:

Looks like the IRS has upped the ante – Still want to take the audit gamble?