Florida Tax Issues for Voters – November 2010 Elections

With just over a week left before Election Day, I encourage voters to become more acquainted with the candidates and issues they will be confronted with on the ballot.  Because most ballot initiatives are written in what resembles either a foreign language or horrific grammatical capabilities, I’ve compiled a brief synopsis of the tax issues that will be presented to us Floridians on November 4th.

Please note, I try to avoid asserting political opinions into my website, thus, I present the information below solely to increase awareness of the current tax issues at the state level.  However, I welcome comments that would encourage a healthy discussion thereof.


Amendment 1 on the statewide ballot would repeal taxpayer financing of statewide political campaigns.

Amendment 2 on the statewide ballot would give active duty members of the U.S. military and Florida National Guard deployed outside the continental U.S., Alaska, or Hawaii a property tax exemption.

Amendment 4 on the statewide ballot would require the utilization of taxpayer-funded elections to make actual changes to pre-approved comprehensive land use plans.

Amendment 8 on the statewide ballot would repeal a constitutional class size mandate in public schools.

Referendum 1 on the statewide ballot would ask Congress to add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring a balanced federal budget.