2010 Federal Tax Rates

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INTERNAL REVENUE CODE § 1. Tax imposed a)  Married individuals filing joint returns and surviving spouses – There is hereby imposed on the taxable income of— (1)  Every married individual who makes a single return jointly with his spouse, and (2)  Every surviving spouse, a tax determined in accordance with the following table: Taxable income is: The tax is: Not over …

Incorporating Life and Wealth Tax Planning into your Estate Plan

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What are Life and Wealth Plans? Although many “estate plans” merely include a will, I encourage my clients to incorporate a life and wealth plan into their estate plan.  Because estate planning already requires an intensive analysis of your financial bottom-line, it creates a unique occasion to address life and wealth issues without incurring a significant amount of additional cost.  …

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Hello, my name is Sarah E. Martello and I’m happy to write this first installment of TaxAttorneyFlorida.com! More to come!