Throw Momma From Her Private Jet–Not From The Train

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New York Times columnist Paul Krugman famously  dubbed the Bush 2001 tax cuts the “Throw Momma From The Train Act”, because the estate tax was eliminated for just one year—2010. But as 2010 grinds on without a federal estate levy, it’s becoming clear that Krugman got it wrong.  Any Momma who would ride the rails (even the pricey Acela) probably …

Free at Last…Cost of Goverment Day 2010

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With the rising deficit and a substantial economic strain on our Government, it is not terribly surprising that our Government’s financial woes tickle down, resulting in a larger financial burden on Americans. August 19th marked the “Cost of Government Day” for 2010.  This is the day the average American has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her …

Bush Tax Cuts Expire in 2010…Will You Pay Higher Taxes?

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No one wants to be taken by surprise with a super high tax bill for 2011.  With only four months remaining until the expiration of Bush’s tax cuts enacted in the 2001 EGTRRA Bill, a lot of Taxpayers are holding their breath while they scramble to plan for a wide range of alternatives. We are likely to see one of …

2010 Federal Tax Rates

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INTERNAL REVENUE CODE § 1. Tax imposed a)  Married individuals filing joint returns and surviving spouses – There is hereby imposed on the taxable income of— (1)  Every married individual who makes a single return jointly with his spouse, and (2)  Every surviving spouse, a tax determined in accordance with the following table: Taxable income is: The tax is: Not over …

Incorporating Life and Wealth Tax Planning into your Estate Plan

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What are Life and Wealth Plans? Although many “estate plans” merely include a will, I encourage my clients to incorporate a life and wealth plan into their estate plan.  Because estate planning already requires an intensive analysis of your financial bottom-line, it creates a unique occasion to address life and wealth issues without incurring a significant amount of additional cost.  …

2009 Tax Planning – It’s not to late!

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As 2009 is quickly coming to an end, many taxpayers are looking for opportunities to minimize the money they will owe the IRS.  Considering the numerous taxpayer-friendly legislation implemented this year, I encourage you to assess your prospective tax situation (if you have not already done so) and consider some year-end tax planning. Here’s a review of the tax basics …

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